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Single cell analysis platform and monoclonal antibody production



Host-pathogen interactions are complex and biomedical research has evolved to interrogate multiple parameters at the same time using different -omics approaches. Single cell analysis and functional assays on purified cell populations have become established methodologies to study cell and pathogen heterogeneity. We purchased and implemented a 10x Genomics Chromium Controller for single cell RNA sequencing, which is placed in a BSLII+ biosafety environment. This equipment is complemented by a FACSAria Fusion (BD).

This platform allows us to investigate complex pathogen-host interactions to the single cell level directly on site in a low/middle income country. The availability of this equipment and patient cohorts in the same location allows us to advance our basic research on infectious diseases of major importance in Cambodia and allows for the local production of monoclonal antibodies against novel and emerging RNA virus infections in Cambodia.

Research reported in this project was supported by the National Institute Of Allergy And Infectious Diseases of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number U01AI151758.
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