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Dr. Etienne Simon-Lorière joins Professor Anavaj Sakuntabhai as PICREID Program Director / Principal Investigator

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Dr. Etienne Simon Lorière joins Professor Anavaj Sakuntabhai as Program Director / Principal Investigator of PICREID (in NIH terms, this is called “mPD/PIs” for “Multiple PD/PIs”).

Prof. Sakuntabhai and Dr. Simon-Lorière together will decide on the direction of the program, solve issues which may arise and coordinate the programs among partners and key persons.

Prof. Sakuntabhai will focus on work related to field and clinical studies, implementation of mobile laboratory capacity and optimization of point-of-care diagnosis, database management and epidemiological analysis of specific aims 1, 2 and single cell analysis and immunological study of specific aim 4.

Dr. Simon-Lorière will focus on virology related studies of the whole program including viral sequencing (both wet and dry aspects), phylogenetic analysis, viral evolution studies, monoclonal antibodies characterization and new assay development (Specific Aims 1-4). Each PI will have authorization in deciding the scientific direction of the program according to the respective fields designated to them as mentioned above, and both will continue to participate in our Steering Committee meetings.
Research reported in this project was supported by the National Institute Of Allergy And Infectious Diseases of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number U01AI151758.
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